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Marine Safety Supplies

Ensure you and your vessel are safe at sea (or on freshwater) with boat safety equipment available from Marine Super Store. We’ve got a full range of marine safety supplies suitable for all sizes of vessel, from lifejackets for adults and children through to life rafts designed to ensure the safety of all on-board. We’ve got all the marine emergency equipment you could need alongside signalling supplies and safety beacons

SAFETY MARINE, your expert choice for marine safety and life saving equipment. Supplying Life Jackets, Life Rafts, Distress Flares, EPIRBs, Fire Extinguishers, First Aid, Lifebuoys, Man Overboard Equipment, VHF Radios and much more.

Our Other Safety Items are:
Safety ISPS Torches Pyrotechnics High Beam Torch
Life Boat Ration / Water Fire Hose , Nozzles & Fitting Self Contained Breathing Apparatus
Emergency Escape Breathing Devices Gas Detectors IMO Symbols / Posters / Stickers
Fire Blankets Fire Fighting Equipments  Fire Hydrants / FIghting Equipments
All LSA / FFA Items

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